Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Never ending Summer

Today was a really lovely day. I went to the Somerset House to see the exhibitions of El Bulli and Miles Aldridge. Aldrige really has amazing and sophisticated photographies. Moreover, I was really amazed by El Bulli. In the beginning I was a bit disappointed as the exhibition mainly seemed to be about how to cook in a extraordinary way but then it turned out, that cooking has a lot to do with idea recognition and evaluation and entrepreneurship. Especially the process of finding a new dish is really similar to idea recognition like I know it. When I was finished in the museum, something really extraordinary (and maybe earth-shattering) happened to me. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit :) BUT today I was photographed for the Korean Vogue because they liked my style. They said that I will appear in their street style category and that I will receive the picture within a week. Of course I gave them the link to my blog :) We'll see whether this leads to something big, but I felt really flattered. They also took a picture with my (lousy) camera...AND the facilities for the fashion week were built up at the Somerset House. I am so sad that I have to leave on sunday... it would have been so perfect to be in the City during the fashion week!!! Anyway, in the evening I went to Shoreditch with Estelle from my class and we had a nice chat at the Queen of Hoxton...

El Bulli impressions I 
El Bulli impressions II
El Bulli impressions III
El Bulli impressions IV
El Bulli impressions V (table with projection)
El Bulli impressions VI

El Bulli impressions VII

El Bulli impressions VIII

Cooking needs Creativity

Cooking equipment

El Bulli impressions IX

Nothing to add!

El Bulli impressions X

El Bulli impressions XI

Nothing to add!!!

El Bulli Cover

Picture for the Vogue :)


Royal Court of Justice

Street impressions 

Tea Paradise I

Tea Paradise II

Perfect Cab Picture


Perfect impression

The Shard.

Shoreditch Street Art I

Shoreditch Street Art II

Shoreditch Street Art III

Shoreditch Street Art IV

Shoreditch Street Art V

Shoreditch Street Art VI

Shoreditch Street Art VII

Shoreditch Street Art VIII

Shoreditch Street Art IX

Shoreditch Street Art X

Shoreditch Street Art XI

Shoreditch Street Art XII

Queen of Hoxton

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