Saturday, 3 August 2013

Big Ben and the Five Guys

I was really impressed when I started my city tour at Trafalgar Square. It is a really nice square with a intercultural flair. Unfortunately lots of German and their typical behavior, too. Walking down to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, I saw some fast food chains which I know from New York City: Pret a Manger, Five Guys, it was ensured, that I won't be starving. The city was full of bikes and people because of a free cycling event. It was a bit annoying, as the event attracted even more visitors than there are anyway. And I really must get used to the left-hand traffic. People who know me surely know what almost happened not only once today...But arriving at Big Ben, I was rewarded with the possibility to take some nice pictures with the cloudy sky. Afterwards I went on along the Thames and saw some nice attractions like a little park and of course, the London Eye, which I am planning to visit with my boyfriend. I went back to Trafalgar Square, heading up to Oxford Street, the big shopping street. You really, really have to walk a lot in London, so I bought some "Being suitable to walk 10 miles a day" shoes. They are nothing special but I wondered why I haven't bought them before as they really look stylish. I walked further up the Oxford Street, but it was full of tourists. However, I went to Primark, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, The Office and many more. Miss Selfridge is a place to be with a friend, so I didn't by anything at it is boring to buy alone but I was really impressed of the stylish DJane. Arriving at Oxford Circus I went further up to Piccadilly Circus. But I have to say, that this isn't a nice place at all. It smells like pigeon shit and the monument was much more smaller than excepted. So I went back to Trafalgar Square again and stayed there sitting at the fountain and watching people. I flicked through my guide as it wasn't quite early that day and decided to drive to Covent Garden which supposed to be a really nice place to go shopping and get some impressions offside from all the tourist attractions. I really liked the location very much and will definitely go there again. Especially the Ray Ban Shop and some British shops were a good opportunity to see, what I can't afford....but maybe I will reward myself for some really hard exams...

Underground floor

Telephone Boxes

Trafalgar Square (National Gallery)

Trafalgar Square II

Monument at Trafalgar Square

New Blue Cock at Trafalgar Square

Pierre watching Big Ben

Big Ben with cloudy sky

Green Park along the Thames I

Green Park along the Thames II

Restaurant named after a famous detective

Memories I

Memories II

Place to be...

Special Shop...

Stylish DJane at Miss Selfridge

Piccadilly Circus

Audi chasing Oldtimer

Double decker bus
Yes, I went them up (Covent Carden Station)

Impressions from Covent Garden I

Interesting architecture
Impressions from Covent Garden II

Apple Store at Covent Garden

Cupcake bakery at Covent Garden

Ray Ban Flagship Store


Impressions from Covent Garden III

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