Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pretty little Angels

I am so sad, that my new friend Karina has already left. So I revel a little in memories and show you the highlights of the last week...Especially taking pictures at night and Camden as well as Angel and Canary Wharf were my personal highlights. So I hope the time will come again when Karina and I float through the City like Angels...

Chelsea Door Collection I

Chelsea's Door Collection II

Chelsea's Door Collection III

Chelsea's Door Collection IV


Albert Bridge I

Albert Bridge II

Albert Bridge III

Albert Bridge IV

Albert Bridge V

Sherlock Holmes Museum I

Sherlock Holmes Museum II

Sherlock Holmes Museum III

Kew Gardens I

Kew Gardens II

Flower Table at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens III

Impressions of Kew Gardens

Passion Flower

Kew Gardens IV

Canary Wharf I

Watching the Sunset

Canary Wharf II

Canary Wharf III

Tower Bridge at Night I

Tower Bridge at Night II

Tower Bridge at Night III

Tower Bridge at Night IV

Night Impressions I

Night Impressions II

Night Impressions III

London Bridge

Angel I (Regent's Canal)

Angel II

Angel III

Angel IV

Angel V

Angel VI

Angel VII

Angel VIII

Angel IX


The Gherkin

Impressions of the area around Liverpool Street

St. Paul's Cathedral Impressions I

St. Paul's Cathedral

The City

Westminster Abbey I

Westminster Abbey II

Westminster Abbey III

Night Impressions

Me at Camden Town

Fish and Chips at Camden Town 
Camden Town Impressions

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