Monday, 5 August 2013

Flower Power and Contrasting Architecture

The second day was full of further interesting impressions. I started at the Flower Market in Columbia Road which is a great possibility to take some nice pictures but it's a real tiny market full of people and screaming market criers. However, I liked it very much and took some nice pictures for a nice memory. It definitely won't be the ultimate highlight but I think it's a part of the typical London...Afterwards, I went to the Bric Lane, where I bought some really, really nice designer clothes. The fashion store only offers fashion from local designers and it's a great possibility to support them. And I think it's more interesting to buy there than in the big chains like Topshop. (Yes, I change my mind very quick...). The Bric Lane ends up with the Spitalfield Markets where food, clothes and souvenirs can be bought. Afterwards I went to the city centre to meet Erwin. We sat down for a afternoon tea (it was just me having the tea...) and talked about university and some other stuff and it was really good not to be alone all day. We went along the Thames and tried to hire a bike, but it didn't work. Maybe we'll find that out the next days because it's definitely better for my feet ;-)
We decided to go to the St. Paul's Cathedral, which is a really nice one and afterwards we went over the Millennium Bridge to the other side of the Thames. Our tour ended at the Tower Bridge which reminds me of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, but actually they can't be compared as they both have something special on their own.

Columbia Road

Entrance of the Flower Market



Beautiful flower

Flower impressions I

Flower impressions II 
Roses I

Roses II


Flower impression III


Flower impressions IV

Chess master

Funny sauce

Nice shoes at Spitalfield Market

Nice view of Gherkin

Conrasting Architecture

There's lot's of things you ARE NOT allowed to do...

Thames impressions I

Thames impressions II

Fake phone

Thames impressions III

Millennium Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral

Almost sundowner...

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral

The Sugar don't know them?? 

The "good to walk around for 10 km" shoes

Soon the highest building in London

Tower Bridge without me

Tower Bridge with me (looks happier, doesn't it?)

Interesting architecture

Tower Bridge old fashioned

Pierre enjoying the Thames

One Tower of the Tower Bridge

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