Wednesday, 7 August 2013

British way of life

On the second day, I tried to life like the Britons. After school, I went to Holland Park. I really loved the piece of green in the hectic city. I sat down on the grass and started to read my travel guide. While opening my huge map, somebody next to me asked me in German with a British accent: "Wohin soll es denn gehen?" We had a really nice chat of two hours. It turned out, that his mother is German and that he (Lucas) grew up bilingual. In the end, we changed numbers and maybe we're going to meet for a drink the next days. Furthermore, I went to Kensington High Street which is a really nice one. And I found a vegan restaurant. Maybe I'm going to visit it in the next weeks...Besides, I went to the hairdresser and she did it really good! It has cost only £5 - but it was just for the fringe ;-) In the evening I found a fancy dip, which you can only buy in Britain ;-)
My view from school

Also famous in Britain :-)

British humour I

British humour II

Or take them and get in shape...

Holland Park I

Nice gate at Holland Park

Holland Park II

Holland Park III

Holland Park IV

Find Wally :)

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park


Holland Park V

Notice the landing bumblebee

British Sky


Vegan Restaurant

Rosy cake

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